Mittwoch, 13. November 2013

money rules

Today I got the official confirmation at a PostDoc Development Centre course that basically the only criteria to stay in academia is how much money you bring the university (grants etc). It is actually absolutely not evaluated how good you're in teaching. I would understand this attitude when it comes to Austrian universities, which don't take study fees. However, in UK the study fees are high and still they do not aim for high quality teachers. They only aim for cash cows. Why do the universities all over the world want to follow this system? This is comparable to hiring a bus driver according to her/his ability to motivate customers to get on the bus without checking her/his driving history or driving license. Anyway, if money and prestige are really the only things that matter in academia, then shouldn't they outsource the teaching part completely?

btw: I'll soon post research related stuff again :)

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